ZigaForm version 4.6.3

Accelerating the Manufacturing industry with RPA

Manufacturers already implement physical industry robots to assemble, test, and package their products. Despite these robots being able to help streamline the assembly line, the manufacturing industry still struggles to maintain control over managing its back-office and operational processes. Manufacturers must juggle labor and time-intensive processes such as customer communication, procurement, inventory management and payment processing. At the same time, they have to maintain cost reduction and innovative business practices. In order to overcome these pain points, many manufacturing companies are turning to RPA to attain improved agility and more streamlined operations across the value chain, resulting in up to a 20% cost savings across various touch points.

The right benefits, delivered

With an intuitive user interface and ease of implementation, our platform allows manufacturers to cut the complexities of managerial processes and create an agiler back office. We offer unrivaled customer support and user experience so that manufacturers globally can seamlessly take advantage of complex automation capabilities.

Enhanced regulatory compliance

The platform never stores any process-related data from the software, meaning that all customer, supplier, and company information is kept secure throughout automation. The software robots’ actions are saved into a central log where they can be monitored and reviewed through ElasticSearch, ensuring visibility throughout a manufacturer’s supply chain and operations. The needed data is easily accessible for a potential audit and automated processes can be quickly updated to reflect changes in regulations.

Ability to bridge digital platforms with paper

Due to its computer vision technology, the platform interacts with the presentation layer by imitating a human user. Because the software is process and application-agnostic, can be seamlessly implemented in addition to existing programs, such as web, desktop, CRM, ERP, Helpdesk, and Citrix applications. With our IBM and Abbyy OCR technology, manufacturers can also digitize their paper files and integrate physical data into their existing digital operations.

Real-time process monitoring and analytics

We provide you a tool for non-invasive data extraction for wider and deeper analytics, but it also provides specific analytics for each executed processes. Real-time reporting provided by the software robots allows manufacturers to determine optimal inventory levels based on previous needs, and to modify current operations based on patterns in customer demand. The intelligent scheduling and execution mean that software robots are always working on the task with the highest priority.

Digitized communication

Our software relies on Google, Microsoft, and IBM and ABBYY OCR technology. This means that the platform is able to provide manufacturers with language detection, named entity recognition, and sentiment analysis capabilities that are invaluable and necessary features in automating communications. When applied to email and chat-based communication, automation capabilities help manufacturers respond to customer and supplier requests in a timely and efficient manner.