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BPO automation solutions

Industry analysts may be unanimous in forecasting rapid and large-scale adoption of RPA technology by BPO providers, but it would be a serious mistake to expect that all RPA products will give them equal value. 
behind this rapid growth. 


The ability to automate processes with a wide range of requirements and complexity.


The capability to automate quickly and reliably.


Technology that gets more work out of fewer robots and less infrastructure.


Enterprise grade across application security; data security & encryption, and operational security.

While all RPA customers want the basic benefits of the technology: cost reduction, accuracy, faster cycle times and non-invasiveness, we acknowledge how BPO providers are differentiated by these requirements:

Exceptional Citrix automation

Intelligent computer vision and image recognition technology deliver unrivaled Citrix automation speed (8X - 10X faster) and reliability (automatically adjusts to screen changes). This is important because 95%+ of BPO customers have Citrix environments, some have dozens and others have hundreds. Any automation weakness in this area should be a cause for concern.

Intelligent Operations Platform

Intelligent Scheduling, Intelligent Execution, Intelligent Scalability & AI/Cognitive Automation. This is designed with one important aspect in mind: BPO providers have a customer base focused on the execution of high transaction volumes. Intelligent Operations Platform provides the high-performance batch processing required to deliver large volumes of work at profitable levels of efficiencies.

Virtual delivery centers

VDCs allow BPOs to leverage their global delivery strengths by centralizing automation teams in a few global centers and deploying/managing their virtual workforces in the Cloud. VDCs require two essential product features that UiPath provides - Multi-tenancy: complex deployments demand only one central server, not dozens; Multi-robot Residency: virtual machines can host multiple robots, not just one.

Insightful reporting

Our Intelligent Operations Platform includes reporting using Elasticsearch and Kibana. These open source technologies provide unsurpassed analytical and graphic power, and customization for the management reporting requirements of tens, or hundreds of BPO customers.